In addition to the short property description that can be displayed on the Property Flyer/Brochure, you may also provide Tour visitors with a more-detailed property description and/or other helpful documents (floor plans, site plans, your own property flyer, etc.). This information will be accessible by clicking on the “Description” button on MOSTours or on the “Flyer” button on 360° Tours.

There is no charge to add a full-length property description or PDF documents to this Tour.

Adding Floor Plans, Site Plans, Or Your Own Property Flyer

Custom property flyers, floor plans, site plans, or other pertinent property docs may be included on this Tour by uploading these as a PDF file (portable document format). If you would like to add more than one document, just save the documents as a “multi-page” PDF file.

To upload the PDF file, click on "Browse," select the file, and click "Upload / Save."

IDX Compliant?

Adding A Full-Length Property Description

If you wish to provide in-depth property details, you may either type the details in the below window, or you may copy and paste the text into this window. Once the text has been entered, be sure to click the “Save Text” button below the window. Don’t forget to spell check!

Please note: